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Another Practice at Handmade Stamps

 Hi Everyone, Shari is back in the room!  Well, in the blog anyway, 😂. I have been trying my skills again at the handmade rubber stamps.  I have designed a flower stamp and a logo for Sharon Golding Designs… just the initials. Having bought a supply of rubbers, I got out the gouger again and set to work.  After drawing my design and transferring it to the rubber (back to front so that it comes out correct when inked), I started removing the negative space around the design with the gouger.  Care must be taken especially close to the design as one false move could destroy the whole piece.  So if you do try this yourself, remember to take your time and remove just a little at a time. Using the gouger to remove the negative space around the flower design Taking care not to remove any petals from the design. After a while I used my trusty penknife to remove more rubber enabling the design to stand out. The penknife used with care flattened out the cutaway sections and really made the desi

Hello... pleased to meet you.

 To follow or not to follow?  That is the question... Will it be worth your while?  Are we compatible?  Read on and find out.  If you are slightly crazy, with a quirky sense of humour and are into all creative arts then we may just get along.  This is me and I make no apology for being me.  I’ve been around a while and I have learned a lot about life.  Have I led an interesting life?  I would say yes... in that I have always gone my own way and done my own thing.  I love life and I love the little miracles that fill our beautiful world. Ok, so introduction over and let’s get down to what this blog is all about.  I want to share with you the things that I am passionate about.  To show you how I do things and what to me is important in life.  I hope we can find some common ground, some passion that we share, because I would love for us to start a friendship and to share our thoughts and beliefs, and maybe even discover a little magic along the way. Right now we are in the middle of a loc