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Making a Junk Journal

 Hello all, it’s so lovely to be back to making and I apologise for my long absence, I’m still struggling but have returned to what I love most… creating! I have always enjoyed keeping a journal and bullet journaling was part of my routine.  I keep most things in my journal like tracking moods, food, etc, listing to dos, appointments, writing about my day, my feelings, art work, sketching, designing well just about everything. Recently I discovered “junk journals” which are even more appealing because instead of buying stickers and decorations and books to journal in, you make your own and use all those scraps and papers and junk you have lying about your home.  Not only is it a good way to recycle but it helps you clear your clutter and stops things going to landfill. I find this concept so appealing that of course I had to try it. First, I found an old book that is really boring and of very little use to me. You don’t have to recycle a book because there are other ways to make your o