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Italian Farm

 Hey there Everyone! Italian farm in oils on canvas board Here I am back to painting in oils which I adore.  This painting was quite the challenge for me as I’m hopeless at buildings and usually avoid them at all costs as I can’t draw a straight line to save my life.  But then who is to say buildings have to have perfectly straight lines?  I think they have much more character if they are wonky ;) what do you think? I began as usual with toning the ground and this time used pale blue rather than my usual yellow ochre.  I wanted to see if it made a difference.  It might be a good experiment to do the same painting using one warm and then one cool ground and compare the two.  But that’s an experiment for another day. Drawing the buildings took longer than I usually take as it was important to get the shapes right because those buildings are going to be my centre of interest. I then got straight into the block in, which soon showed up my lack of skill with straight lines, but not to worry

Morning Walk in Hunstanton

 Back to panting!  Using one of the photos taken earlier, and after the imprimatura layer was in place I set about drawing on canvas using acrylic paints.  Then blocking in the main shapes, the painting started to take shape. First pass in acrylics Once the block in was complete I began to refine using oils (my favourite medium), getting in the detail and adjusting as needed.   Then, leaving the painting for a day or two, I came back to look for the One Thing to improve my painting.  That was the cliffs needed adjusting to make them less flat and give them a fuller look. Morning Walk in Hunstanton (completed in oils) Hunstanton is one  of my favourite beaches and I don’t think I will ever tire of painting it.  I hope you enjoy the end result and I will be back soon with my next completed project. Such fun! 🤩.  Best wishes Shari

Bits and Pieces

 Hi All This week has been busy on the craft front.  Mostly little experiments and ideas at the moment, oh yes, I’m full to bursting of ideas!  Just not enough hours in the day. This post will be about the bits and pieces I’ve been working on this week. Firstly, an update on my sewing themed linocut.  I’ve refined the design, made the needle look better and had a general tidy up. Still in need of a little more work but it’s getting there. Sewing Linocut Next I worked on the little flower rubber stamp.  It needed more definition, so I outlined the centre and marked out the petal separations.  What do you think, better? Flower stamp The sewing box is still a work in progress, but here’s the original box with a new lid cut out as the old one was rotten and beyond repair.  I have the hinges, etc to reattach.   Sewing Box Project Will bring you updates on this as they happen. Finally, some pieces from my art course:- Ink & Wash   Ink line drawing Watersoluble pencil The brief was to des