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Getting Fit after Retirement

 After I finished working and retired I was under the impression I would be so busy with all my hobbies that I would never miss working. Well, yes I’m busy with my hobbies but I really miss my job!   BUT not for the reason you may think.  It’s the exercise I miss. Rushing about, being on my feet all day, walking, lifting, stretching, bending… all these things kept me fit.  Since retirement I’ve become a bit of a couch potato!  Most of my hobbies are sedentary which really doesn’t help my fitness.  Yes, I enjoy yoga but recently have become very lazy in my practise. As my waistline increased and my weighing scales screeched, I decided to do something about it. My new fitness regime includes Fast Walking daily, running up and downstairs plus a yoga routine.  The wonderful thing about yoga is anyone can do it, any age, you don’t need a huge amount of space nor any machines. It can be done on the yoga mat, in a chair or on the bed. As an ex-yoga teacher, I know quite a few moves but I’m ve
I have been experimenting with the use of fabric hardener and have found it somewhat addictive. First I tried making a bowl.  Basically, you use an upturned plastic bowl as a former.   Cover the bowl with clingfilm to ensure nothing sticks to the bowl itself.   Use a plastic tray and pour a small amount of fabric hardener into it. Take your fabric and immerse in the fabric hardener. Gently rub the hardener into the fabric ensuring it is completely covered without being dripping wet. Place over the upturned bowl.  Make sure the bottom of the bowl is as smooth as possible to give stability and so that it won’t wobble when it’s done. The sides at this stage need to be as smooth as possible just so that the inside of the bowl will be fairly smooth.  Don’t worry over it too much. Take another square of fabric and coat it thoroughly in fabric hardener as before. Cover the first piece but this time allow the fabric to fall into natural folds (but remember to keep the base smooth). You can add

Embracing the Wonky - Sketching houses

Sketching houses Marker pens in sketchbook Some of my previous sketches of houses:- Pen and wash Watercolour and ink Watercolour and ink I think keeping a sketchbook is about learning … new styles, techniques, subjects… it’s a place to play and it’s what I really love to do. Recently, I have discovered I particularly enjoy sketching houses.  But not just any houses.  These have to be quirky, colourful and fun!  I am embracing my need for wonkiness in my life.  I hate straight lines that give a lifeless feel to a sketch. I love quirkiness and wonkiness as it gives character and life to a sketch.  Don’t you agree? Best wishes Shari 💕