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Silver work

 Had enormous fun today working in the studio, making silver rings, annealing, etc.  I just adore working with silver.  Here are some pictures of my process. Rings and things  Me hard at work! Soldering And pickling  Have a wonderful day! Best wishes Shari  

Silver, clay and resin

 Now here’s something interesting.  I was playing around with polymer clay with my grandchildren, just showing them how you can make things like jewellery and Christmas decorations then bake them in the oven and hey presto! You have something that lasts. I then started getting out some scraps of sterling silver and here’s what I came up with.  To make it even more resilient and hopefully long lasting I coated the clay with clear resin.  I’m quite pleased with this and will make it into a pendant. This is the front with the diamond cut into the silver And here is the back with the polymer clay coated in clear resin. What do you think?  Any ideas that could help?

Eager for Enamels

Today I did some enamelling using copper and brass blanks.  Have you tried the Efcolor enamels?  They’re lovely.  You just sift powder onto your metal blanks and bake in the oven on a low heat for about 5-10 minutes.  Here are some of the items I have enamelled.  I’m going to make them into jewellery, earrings etc. It didn’t take long and it’s possible to add layers and rebake. This is a closeup of the yellow and red.  It’s quite enjoyable to try different colour combos and I shall definitely be trying more of this. I wonder what is involved in proper enamelling?  It would be fun to try it if I could, although I believe a kiln is needed which is quite an expensive item.I may look into courses for after lockdown.  It’s always fun to try new things. All the best Shari x

Silversmith Shari

  Recently I have got back into my jewellery making.  I love silver work and have made a number of sterling silver rings (see pic) and am now trying to get to grips with something a little different, kinetic jewellery.  There must be a way of making small items that move and I am starting experiments to do just that.  What are your thoughts?  Any ideas are welcome. I’m going to try something using copper first as it’s cheaper so if all goes pear shaped I won’t lose any precious silver.  If it works with copper then I will try it with silver. I will upload some pics of the ideas I’ve been playing around with.  When I get time I would like to upload a video or even some step by step photos of how I make my jewellery if you are interested. Stay safe.  All the best, Shari x

Hello... pleased to meet you.

 To follow or not to follow?  That is the question... Will it be worth your while?  Are we compatible?  Read on and find out.  If you are slightly crazy, with a quirky sense of humour and are into all creative arts then we may just get along.  This is me and I make no apology for being me.  I’ve been around a while and I have learned a lot about life.  Have I led an interesting life?  I would say yes... in that I have always gone my own way and done my own thing.  I love life and I love the little miracles that fill our beautiful world. Ok, so introduction over and let’s get down to what this blog is all about.  I want to share with you the things that I am passionate about.  To show you how I do things and what to me is important in life.  I hope we can find some common ground, some passion that we share, because I would love for us to start a friendship and to share our thoughts and beliefs, and maybe even discover a little magic along the way. Right now we are in the middle of a loc